Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Have you managed to find all of the broken pieces of me, hidden in the corners of our life? I think the pain-staking process of gluing them back together falls solely on me, so I make sure each tiny shard of my heart finds its way back into the dustbin that I shall pack up as surely as the rest of my belongings as I take leave of you.
Healing cannot come while we share this existence together.
I looked deep inside of myself for years, and I saw nothing. I felt nothing. There was a chasm that could seemingly never be filled. Sex. Work. Money. Alcohol. Success. I gave them all a try. They all seemed as light as a feather at first, I floated through time and space with them, until gravity hit and they all sank, deeply, dissolving into this nothingness. At some point, I came to believe that they were all useless. They were merely filler, and the more I stuffed, the larger the problem became. I gave in, and gave up.
In doing so, I thought I gave up on love.
I was mistaken.
I gave up what I thought I loved.
I discovered there was no love in the places I’d been searching for years.
One day, I went to look for that dustbin, with all the broken shards of my life in it.
I was poor, I was sober, I was single, and I was happy.
The dustbin was empty.
I looked at myself once again. I saw everything. Me, you, sex, work, money, drugs, success, the past, the present and the future. All of it spiraling through me, a kaleidoscope of colors and light and memories, and I felt hope, for the first time in a very long time.
I am becoming, love. I am becoming.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


In this place I was nameless. Silhouettes surrounded me, reminders of that which I longed to not be. Yes, I know they were not of flesh. Merely shadows, whispered remnants of the past. Part of me yearned to be just that. Sheer, like gauze, to wrap myself in a place where I could only be discovered centuries from now. Shearing off the flesh that bound me, the fabricated beauty of the eternal lie, the knowledge that you never even knew me. Wandering through long corridors, finding myself further away from any escape. I propelled, forward, always forward, descending into noxious haze. There was no space for another on this peculiar path, yet all of you kept falling in line next to me, only to fall off the rocky precipice that loomed on either side. Couldn’t you see that my road was dangerous, deadly, filled with switch-backs and crumbling stacks of lost dreams? How I wanted to reach out, scream, tear at your withered limbs when your lips formed perfect circles and the space between us grew, but the darkness looming over the edge enraptured me, and I wore its cloak of fear around me like a tender lover keeping its paramour warm and somnambulant in a winter storm.
When I awoke, I shed the cloak, I shed my fear, and I shed you.
I prefer the waking hours.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


At some point it's always the same
You're not like those others they say
You don't sound like look like smell like them
(I wonder)How can that be when you said a fraction of me is worth nothing to you?
Can't you see? (Don't you know?)(You don't know?) Of course not (I would be a minstrel)
What a minstrel I would be (I know to you I already am) to believe that with the privilege afforded to your lineage that you deign to use in this day when you are soon to be the minority - like you always were (As it's always been, your strength comes from metal, it is not you, fleshy and vaporous)
You never have had to venture into our savage world talk like walk like smile at you
Innards churning
How it makes us retch knowing what words you exchange in the company of one another
Don't fucking imagine that you know who we are
I can still hear the crack of the whip hurtling through air
Young flesh strong so innocent split open like watermelon pregnant on the vine
Voices that now speak from the universe not the grave – (See, you were right to be worried, we learn so quickly how to speak to each other and ourselves in ways you will never comprehend)
At times welts still rise up inexplicably on my skin when you stand too close to me

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To All The Men I've Loved Before

I often think of you. The first time I saw you. Or I should say, what I imagine to be the first time, as my memory sometimes gives me images I would rather see than how things really were. I thrash, twist and turn in my bed when I think of you. Often with desire, other times with distaste. This one pierced my nose. That one pierced my side. You all pierced my heart, for the most part. To you, I gave a piece of myself, and you left behind some part of yourself with me, to hold onto forever. You and I didn’t make love, we made out for hours on end. He and I, we fucked until the neighbors complained. You were scared to touch me, yet you over there, you could not keep your hands off of me. I remember how the weight of your body felt on top of mine, and I remember the weight of my heart when you said goodbye. We partied as if the world was ending, whereas your drinking made my love for you die and our world did end. If I lay myself bare before you, will you still love me? If you see every bit and piece of what I am will you understand that I am not what you would like for me to be, nor what you would expect me to become, yet will you accept me for who I am? I say to you, don’t take it personally, but you do. Oh, how you always do.