Tuesday, May 11, 2010


At some point it's always the same
You're not like those others they say
You don't sound like look like smell like them
(I wonder)How can that be when you said a fraction of me is worth nothing to you?
Can't you see? (Don't you know?)(You don't know?) Of course not (I would be a minstrel)
What a minstrel I would be (I know to you I already am) to believe that with the privilege afforded to your lineage that you deign to use in this day when you are soon to be the minority - like you always were (As it's always been, your strength comes from metal, it is not you, fleshy and vaporous)
You never have had to venture into our savage world talk like walk like smile at you
Innards churning
How it makes us retch knowing what words you exchange in the company of one another
Don't fucking imagine that you know who we are
I can still hear the crack of the whip hurtling through air
Young flesh strong so innocent split open like watermelon pregnant on the vine
Voices that now speak from the universe not the grave – (See, you were right to be worried, we learn so quickly how to speak to each other and ourselves in ways you will never comprehend)
At times welts still rise up inexplicably on my skin when you stand too close to me


  1. 'young flesh strong so innocent split open like watermelon pregnant on the vine.'
    now that's good.
    great closer too.

  2. Ed, you stole my pull-quote. I can taste it.

  3. Thank you! And Ed, stop stealing thinkingtoohard13's pull-quotes. Can you taste it? Excellent.

  4. :-)
    Girl, your energy just rocks me. It's hot. Hard to find another chick like me. We are a rare breed.

  5. You are so right about the rare breed thing...they don't make them like they used to, that's for sure.