Saturday, May 15, 2010


In this place I was nameless. Silhouettes surrounded me, reminders of that which I longed to not be. Yes, I know they were not of flesh. Merely shadows, whispered remnants of the past. Part of me yearned to be just that. Sheer, like gauze, to wrap myself in a place where I could only be discovered centuries from now. Shearing off the flesh that bound me, the fabricated beauty of the eternal lie, the knowledge that you never even knew me. Wandering through long corridors, finding myself further away from any escape. I propelled, forward, always forward, descending into noxious haze. There was no space for another on this peculiar path, yet all of you kept falling in line next to me, only to fall off the rocky precipice that loomed on either side. Couldn’t you see that my road was dangerous, deadly, filled with switch-backs and crumbling stacks of lost dreams? How I wanted to reach out, scream, tear at your withered limbs when your lips formed perfect circles and the space between us grew, but the darkness looming over the edge enraptured me, and I wore its cloak of fear around me like a tender lover keeping its paramour warm and somnambulant in a winter storm.
When I awoke, I shed the cloak, I shed my fear, and I shed you.
I prefer the waking hours.


  1. the mummy image, so good. the tomb you led me down, the catacomb, so deep, like you. moving.